Technical ceramics


Technical ceramics has been in production at the company since 1969 on the basis of a completely closed production cycle from basic raw materials to finished products. We have a huge base of tooling equipment for the production of various types of ceramics. At customer's request we can design and develop the necessary ceramics for their purposes.

Ceramics based on alumina oxide have exceptionally good mechanical properties. It is used both in the automobile industry and in military production for the protection of vehicles, for personal protection. Used in medicine. Due to its high chemical resistance it is used for chemical containers.

Steatite ceramic products are intended for the manufacture of assembly products, induction coils and other products intended for the electronics industry. Due to its exceptionally good insulating properties, it is used for making insulators.

Piezoceramic products are components that are characterized by the mechanical conversion of energy into electrical and vice versa - the so-called direct and reverse piezoelectric effect. They are designed to be embedded in radio electronic and acoustic electronic products, in robotics, in medical and measuring equipment, in computer technology.

Magnetically soft ferrites find the following applications: As cores of various types of transformers, inductive coils, magnetic antennas and other products for radio and television equipment; Inductance coils; Transformers; Chokes; Midrange amplifiers; Converters and other radio engineering apparatus; Antennas for radio transmitters and receivers; Transformers for cable connection apparatus; Coils for flickering circles; Intermediate frequency filters in radios.

Ceramic materials used as technical ceramics or advanced ceramics in technical applications must meet extremely high requirements for their properties. The intrinsic spectrum ranges from wear resistance, temperature and corrosion resistance to biocompatibility and food compatibility. These diverse properties allow the use of technical ceramics in a variety of applications in the automotive, electronics, medical technology, energy and environment, and in general in equipment and mechanical engineering. Samel-90's current product portfolio in this area includes over 500 different products, components and parts and a wide range of contemporary ceramic materials. All developments of Samel-90 PLC are proprietary, based on different types of materials.




The range of Samel-90 PLC’s ceramic products offers advantages for many different applications in diverse markets with specific applications. The company's teams continue with the innovation and development activities in the field of ceramics, namely:

  • Heat-resistant technical ceramics of temperature shocks;
  • Innovative ceramics in high impact resistance and special purpose for armor protection;
  • Innovative ferroelectric ceramics for solid state supercapacitor systems;
  • Boutique mechatronic components made of ceramics and glass with customer-specified parameters;
  • Piezoceramics for specific applications;
  • Steatite ceramic components with applications in radio electronics;
  • Ferrite ceramic components with applications in radio electronics; 

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