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About Samel 90

Samel 90 was established in 1964 aiming at satisfying the needs of the Bulgarian Army of Electronic Communication Equipment. After 1990 the traditional range of special purpose products has been enriched with consumer electronics in the fields of telecommunications, specialized electronics for lighting industry, automotive spare parts, etc. Nevertheless, Samel 90 continues to develop and expand its range of special purpose products and remains one of the main suppliers and integrators of telecommunication and other electronic equipment for the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria. The products of Samel 90 are well accepted in the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, USA, China, as well as many countries from the Middle East and Africa. This makes Samel 90 a competitive, export-oriented company, as the export share reaches as far as 70% of the annual sales.

The company employs about 400 workers and specialists as over 20% of whom have higher education. The Company activity is based on production units providing a closed technological cycle of the research & development and production activities on the basis of:

  • Samel 90’s own R&D activities in cooperation with other companies and scientific institutes;
  • Automatic and conventional loading of PCBs and electronic assembly;
  • Possibility for integration of equipment on various types of wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as on stationary platforms;
  • Design and manufacturing of tooling for all types of treatment used in the company;
  • Metal-pressing and mechanical processing of metals;
  • Pressure die-casting of aluminium and zinc alloys;
  • Pressing and injection mouldings of Bakelite, plastics and rubbers;
  • Galvanic and powder coating and painting;
  • Design and manufacturing of ferrite and piezo-ceramic parts;

In order to provide the production of precise and reliable mechanical parts and assemblies, the mechanical production has been equipped with up-to-date highly productive CNC machines made by companies like “Weiler”, “Mauser”, “Steinel”, "Robodrill-Fanuc", “Tornos”, “Asiera”, “Agie”, “Citizen”, etc. Mechanical parts of different types are manufactured in the Company by milling, turning and fitter’s work. The production of tooling is experienced and has got the capabilities for design and manufacturing of small and medium presses and injection moulds for plastics and rubber; accessories for machining; tools forpiezo-ceramics and ferrites

The ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System guarantees the high quality and reliability of the production of Samel 90. The Company has been among the first Bulgarian companies that introduced the requirements for quality of the standards ISO 9001 since 1997. The Company is certified for conformity with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 Quality Assurance System by the Swiss organization SGS. In 2004 Samel 90 PLC was certified by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria for conformity with the requirements of the NATO AQAP 2110 standards.

Samel 90 has its own central test laboratory and wastewater purification plant. The testing laboratory is certified by the Bulgarian Metrology and Standardization Committee and has been entitled to do State testing.

The company structure includes departments for marketing, import and export of the finished products as well as design and technology departments to the relevant manufacturing departments that care for the perfection and renewing the production. Samel 90 has a receiving inspection of all materials and components, which shall be used in the production.

Samel 90 works together with West European companies, not only as their subcontractor, but also for the realization of joined products on third markets. It is a company of traditions, which is market oriented and shows flexibility in its work and responds with care and respect to the customers’ desires.


“Samel 90” PLC achieves its objectives working as a team.

“Samel 90” PLC designs high quality products, which satisfy customers' requirements at acceptable prices, with well-made packing, guaranteed assembly and after-sales service.

“Samel 90” PLC requires from its employees who are in direct contact with the clients to be respectful and polite, keeping to the proverb "The Customer is always right". Loyalty is the leading principle in communicating with clients.

“Samel 90” PLC appreciates its personnel and does its best to provide them with good conditions for professional career and improving their qualification. The company appreciates their professionalism, accuracy and loyalty in their actions.

Making every effort to load its high productivity precision equipment and the free capacity of the secondary/ancillary production lines, Samel 90 PLC leads a policy of maximum comprehension towards all customers and accepts orders from traditional range of products as well as subcontracting in the fields, in which it has good experience, staff and equipment.

The main goal of the company is, preserving the existing markets and clients, to discover new market opportunities and attract new clients, counting on the traditionally high quality and reliability of its production, professional skills of its specialists and the new market approach of the management.

The company’s motto is: “Priority – focus – victory”.